Risk Assurance Manager

  • 面谈
  • 上海, 上海市, 中国
  • 7-10 年
  • United Overseas Bank China
  • 2017-07-27

Risk Assurance Manager


◇ To plan and conduct inspection / health checks of TB businesses to identify any operations deficiencies / gaps of the business to strengthen control and compliance environment.

◇ Track progress of issues and action plans arising from self inspections and health check programs, internal / external audits, examinations and report progress to management through regular reporting.

◇ Liaison with WB compliance to help TB business management in oversight of local regulations compliance.

◇ To closely follow up with the market and competitors movement as well as change in clients’ requests.

◇ To gather clients’ feedback on products and new function requests directly or via marketing team or cash management sales team.

◇ To be responsible for product issues raised by other teams.

◇ To prepare and maintain product documents / reports in the share folder according to internal and external regulations and policies, with support of relevant stakeholders.


Job Requirements:


◇ At least 8 years of experience and good understanding of Risk assurance

◇ Dedicated, self-driven, independent and highly motivated

◇ Strong interpersonal and communication skills with good spoken English and Mandarin.

◇ Strong business acumen and be able to communicate with internal stakeholder

◇ Good team player with strong commitment