Web developer

  • Competitive
  • 上海, 上海市, 中国
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  • Morgan Stanley
  • 2017-08-19

See job description for details

Morgan Stanley is building a new UI framework for the delivery of analytics and tools to Front Office Sales and Trading applications. The project aims to migrate existing thick client Java/SWT based applications to a more responsive, lower cost and efficient HTML5 based thin client interface. The chosen UI technology is based on HTML5/CSS3/Angular JS. The back-end is to be separated to run on a Docker-like virtualization container and implemented in Java/Scala. Candidates will be required to have hands on development experience and will have exposure to all parts of the software development lifecycle, from gathering requirements from users, design and implementation, to testing and rollout.*LI-AW1


Skills Required
? Familiarity with Angular JS 1.4
? Familiarity with UI libraries such as Bootstrap
? Familiarity with web client unit testing using Jasmine
? Familiarity with the use of Chrome Developer Tools
? Familiarity with HTML5
? Expertise with at least one major programming language such as C++/Java/C#/Scala etc.
? Strong reading/writing/verbal English skills
? Solid foundation on data structures and algorithms and other core computer science concepts

To be successful, candidates will need to
? Have strong problem-solving and analytical skills
? Be naturally very technical and curious. Successful candidates will dig beneath the surface to understand how things work, why they are a certain way and what the design trade-offs were
? Take initiative to propose ideas and air concerns, to take technical ownership to drive the areas they work on
? Desire to work with other bright motivated people, contribute to technical discussions, and continue to learn

Skills Desired
? Familiarity with Selenium or Protractor
? End to end client to server development and/or debugging
? Detailed understanding of Angular JS 1.4 internals such as
o How the digest cycle works
o How Angular applies two-way data binding
? Familiarity with Grunt or Gulp

Bonus Skills but not required
? An understanding of Angular JS Dynamic Templates (e.g. http://onehungrymind.com/angularjs-dynamic-templates/)
? Knowledge, experience or interesting in financial domain knowledge, particularly fixed income derivatives