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  • 中信建投证券股份有限公司
  • 2017-07-21

China Securities Co., Ltd. (CSC) is a nationwide comprehensive securities company and jointly sponsored and established by CITIC Securities Co.,Ltd. and China Jianyin Investment Co., Ltd.. with wide operational networks, CSC is one of a few A-level A-class securities companies in China.


  • 负责对公司FICC相关产品结构、交易策略、制度流程等进行分析评估并出具意见;
  • 负责对公司FICC及相关投资组合进行风险分析,设计相关监测与计量指标体系;
  • 负责构建风险计量工具,对FICC及相关投资组合进行日常风险监测与风险评估;
  • 负责公司FICC及相关投资活动的风险信息沟通与报告。


  • 具有前台特别是交易背景且有相对较长的FICC市场风险经历的风险管理人员,掌握各项常用的市场风险工具和手段;
  • 具有丰富的FICC产品知识,需要熟悉各类结构化产品的结构特点,了解衍生品的风险特征和对冲手段;
  • 最好经历过市场周期,了解不同产品在市场极端情况下的表现;
  • 具有数理方面的教育背景,理解和掌握各类FICC的模型实际运用;
  • 具有良好的沟通能力,能和前台交易员顺利地沟通。



  • Analyzing and evaluating the product structure, trading strategy, policy and procedure of FICC business;
  • Assessing risk of FICC and other investment portfolio, designing risk monitoring and measuring system.
  • Conducting daily risk monitoring and indicator’s calculating;
  • Communicating and reporting FICC and other related investment risks.



  • Previous experience in Front office, especially long-term risk management experience of FICC is highly preferred, solid knowledge of market risk tools and methodology;
  • In-depth understanding of FICC products, familiar with the factors of structure products, understanding risk factors of derivatives and hedging strategy;
  • Undergo market cycle, understanding performance of various products in extreme market condition;
  • Strong quantitative background, mastering various FICC model theories and application;
  • Good interpersonal skills and excellent written/oral expressing skills, able to communicate smoothly with FO trader.


Please send both of your English and Chinese CV when you apply for the job.

**Chinese resume is a must for all applications.**





About us:

China Securities Co., Ltd (hereinafter called the “CSC”) is a nationwide leading securities company in China, headquartered in Beijing. CSC provides a broad range of financial services, which is as follows: securities brokerage; QFII Service; securities underwriting and sponsoring; financial advisory relating to securities trading and investment; securities investment advisory; proprietary trading; asset management; acting sales of securities investment fund; margin trading business; providing introducing broker (hereinafter called “IB”) services for futures companies; and other types of business approved by CSRC. Moreover, CSC also carries on International business, futures brokerage and direct investment through its wholly-owned subsidiaries.