Senior Associate-Research&Development-Tax-Shenzhen

  • 面议
  • 深圳, 广东省, 中国
  • 3-5 年
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP
  • 2017-04-25

About Tax

Tax and regulatory issues are on top of the mind for many companies operating around the world today. As a tax professional, you’ll help organisations and individuals to maximise their tax efficiency and manage their tax risks. You’ll achieve this through the advice you give to your clients on conducting proper tax planning, and helping them to fully meet their tax compliance obligations.

Taxation in a fast-paced business environment is exciting and intellectually stimulating. To meet the challenges, you’ll need to constantly develop your tax knowledge and research skills. As you progress, you’ll likely become specialised in certain specific areas of tax and/or industry segments.



• 协助经理或高级经理完成与客户的访谈,了解客户的运营情况、研发项目开展情况及研发相关的财务和税务处理情况
• 检索相关法规信息并与税务局及相关政府部门进行沟通和交流
• 审阅客户研发相关的支持文件及财务税务信息,基于与客户的访谈内容及相关资料,编写报告及税收优惠相关的申请文件
• 管理项目的工作计划和时间表安排,及项目相关的分析和文档记录等
• 建立客户关系,与客户保持良好的沟通
• 对团队中的顾问进行相关事宜的指导和支持


• 本科及以上学历
• 3年以上税务、审计、内控、管理咨询等相关工作经验
• 有较强的管理能力,能同时处理多个不同项目
• 流利的英语口语及写作,有留学背景或海外工作经验优先
• 有良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神,能够承受工作压力,认同普华永道的价值观,乐于从事专业技术咨询工作



• Assist manager/senior manager to interview with clients, understand clients’ operation, R&D projects status and related accounting/tax treatment on such R&D projects
• Conduct related regulation research and liaise with tax and other relevant government authorities
• Review clients’ R&D projects related supporting documents and financial information, based on interview results and related information provided by clients, prepare draft report and tax incentive related application documents.
• Manage project progress, timing arrangement, project related analysis and documentations
• Build up and maintain good relationships/communications with clients
• Coach and supervise associate in daily works


• Bachelor degree or above
• 3 years working experience above in tax/audit/internal control/management consulting related works
• Strong project management skill and ability of handle multi  projects simultaneously
• Fluent in oral and written English, overseas study or working experiences preferred
• Good teamwork and communication abilities, comfortable working in a dynamic, fast growing environment with tight deadlines, interested in being a professional in PwC focused on technical consultation work


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