China Marketing Manager, Institutional Marketing China Marketing Manager, Institutional Marketing …

in Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 16 Jun 21
Market Competitive
in Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 16 Jun 21
Market Competitive
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Sylvia Poon • Recruiter
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Sylvia Poon
As the primary marketing leader for branding and promoting Invesco in China (onshore marketing) and to a lesser extent to international investors investing in China (offshore marketing) to different audiences that include sophisticated and institutional investors, retail and end investors. The candidate is expected to work closely with various internal/external groups (sales, marketing technology, product, and compliance, media relations, thought leadership, creative agencies) to implement marketing activities in a multi-faceted way- catering to offshore China institutional clients’ understanding of the value proposition of Invesco’s services, driving the promotion of onshore businesses (Invesco’s WFOE and other onshore China ventures.)

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Develop strategic marketing plans for our China business, to ensure Invesco’s marketing strategy is aligned with business goals building a fresh awareness and understanding of the Invesco corporate brand in China.
  • Implement impactful marketing programs that can tie to brand growth and business results through advertising and digital marketing campaigns (marketing automation, SEO/SEM, above-the-line, below-the-line) Events, website, social.
  • Provide strategic direction for digital marketing & social platforms relating to China.
  • Be the China specialist and strong contributor to the Asia Ex Japan institutional marketing team with new ideas, best practices that can benefit both the China marketing efforts and the broader regional business.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with internal business partners across sales, marketing, thought leadership, media relations, product, sales, compliance and operations.
  • Act as the primary marketing liaison with our JV business Invesco Great Wall’s marketing team.
  • Understand and manage agency relationships with China expertise to build brand and run marketing campaigns.
  • Lead content adaptation and review sign off in Chinese language for a variety of marketing collateral including presentations, invites, email campaigns, etc.
  • Initiate client segmentation research or brand audits as required.
  • Drive analytics and data capture to ensure KPIs are met informs improvement on email, advertising, digital marketing efforts.


  • 制定中国业务的市場推廣策略计划,确保景顺市場推廣策略与业务目标保持一致,在中国市场建立对景顺企业品牌的全新认识和理解。
  • 通过广告宣传和数字市場推廣活动(市場推廣自动化 (marketing automation)、搜索引擎优化/搜索引擎营销 (SEO/SEM)、线上和线下活动、网站、社交媒体),实施与品牌成长和经营成果挂钩的有效营销/市場推廣计划。
  • 为中国相关的数字营销和社交平台提供策略方向。
  • 担任日本以外亚洲地区机构营销团队的中国专家,提出有助开展中国营销工作和亞太區范围业务的新想法和最佳实践。
  • 建立和维持与销售、市場推廣、思维领导 (thought leadership)、媒体关系、产品、销售、合规和运营等内部业务合作伙伴的积极关系。
  • 担任与合资企业景顺长城基金管理有限公司市場推廣团队的主要联络人。
  • 具备中国专业知识,理解和管理代理关系,建设品牌和开展营销活动。
  • 主导内容调整和审核签发演示文稿、邀请函、电子邮件宣传等各种中文营销材料。
  • 根据需要进行客户细分研究或品牌审计。
  • 推动分析和数据采集工作,确保实现关键业绩指标,为电子邮件、广告宣传、数字营销工作提供改善建议。


Work Experience / Knowledge: 

  • 8-10 years of working experience in marketing at asset management/ fintech/finance industry in China, with global or Chinese financial firms, including branding, above-the-line, below-the-line, online and events. 
  • Consultative at a senior leader level with impeccable business understanding and judgment
  • Adept at stakeholder engagement, consensus-building, and conflict resolution
  • Experience in China markets and digital marketing in China, including social media (WeChat, Weibo at a minimum).
  • Knowledge of investment products required.
  • Experience with working with market research firms.
  • Knowledge of agencies and their relative strengths and specialties on brand, research, digital for marketing projects in China.


  • 8-10 年在全球或中国金融公司从事中国资产管理/金融科技/金融行业市场营销/推廣的经验,包括品牌推广、线上、线下和在线活动等。 
  • 提供高级领导级别的顾问服务,拥有出色的商业理解力和判断力。
  • 擅长处理利益相关者之间的关系,具有达成共识和解决冲突的能力。
  • 拥有包括社交媒体在内的中国市场和中国数字营销方面的经验(至少包括微信和微博)。
  • 了解必备的投资产品知识。
  • 拥有与市场调研公司合作的经验。
  • 了解中国代理机构及其在品牌、研究、数字营销项目方面的相对优势和专长。


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese a plus)
  • Understand the connectivity of marketing activities to a CRM system and the implications on marketing strategy
  • Ability to work well in a team environment, as well as to handle multiple concurrent assignments, work independently, and assume personal responsibility for deliverables.
  • Ability to effectively manage new projects, existing maintenance, shifting priorities, and multiple tasks.
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines while managing multiple projects.
  • Must also pay close attention to detail, yet demonstrate an overall ability to have leadership qualities and a strategic mindset.
  • Self-directed and well organized; able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Innate curiosity to adapt to changing markets in China first and the rest of Asia Pacific.
  • Strong work ethic, dynamic marketing professional.
  • Advanced computer skills including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Cvent, SalesForce, WeChat, Adobe campaigns, project management software like Smartsheet.

Formal Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • MBA or advanced business degree preferred


  • 熟练的中英文口头和书面表达能力(会普通话、粤语者优先)。
  • 理解营销活动与 CRM 系统的联系及其对营销策略的影响。
  • 具有良好的团队合作能力,能够处理多项并发任务、独立工作,并承担可交付成果的个人责任。
  • 能够有效管理新项目,开展现有项目维护,分清轻重缓急,并且能够同时执行多项任务。
  • 能够在管理多个项目的同时满足时限要求。
  • 在关注细节的同时,还须展现出拥有领导能力和战略思维的总体能力。
  • 自律有节,能够在无人监督的情况下完成工作。
  • 始终保持好奇心,能够适应中国乃至亚太其他地区不断变化的市场环境。
  • 拥有强烈的职业道德,在市场营销专业方面积极主动。
  • 熟练掌握电脑技能,包括 MS Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint、Cvent、SalesForce、微信、Adobe Campaign、Smartsheet 等项目管理软件。


  • 具学士学位
  • 持MBA 或高级商业学位者优先
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