• Competitive
  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
  • 2019-05-20

Software Development Engineer (SDE/SE)

  • Full time
  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • 20 May 19

产品开发工程师(SE) · 招聘人数:5人 · 学历要求:统招全日制本科及以上 · 全职工作年限要求:5年及以上 · 工作地点:深圳华为总部 · 简历投递邮箱:liulutong@huawei.com


  1. 负责财经领域产品的需求调研、产品技术方案设计;
  2. 负责基于Web平台进行产品开发;
  3. 对在线的IT产品进行持续运维;


  1. 熟悉软件工程的理论,掌握多种需求获取与分析方法,善于把握需求要点和重点,有较强的用户需求判断、引导和控制能力;
  2. 敏捷软件实施原理、原则和实践和自动化。

业务技能: 全日制本科及以上学历,5年以上IT领域经验,具备以下业务技能:

  1. 了解市场主流的架构设计方法(微服务架构、分布式架构、高并发架构、云化架构等)。
  2. 精通B/S系统架构的相关技术,熟悉Java代码架构设计,具备较好的Java编码习惯;熟悉如HTML、XML、JavaScript、VUE.js等前端技术,有一定的优化性能经验。
  3. 熟悉JavaEE应用相关技术:缓存、文件系统、消息系统等技术;
  4. 熟悉一种数据库设计和开发:Oracle、DB2、Mysql、非关系型数据库
  5. 有中型WEB系统开发实施经验,独立完成过模块级的实施;具备敏捷、持续集成、DevOps 经验者优先。
  6. 沟通理解能力强,具备良好的学习能力、解决问题能力和创新意识。



  1. Responsible for demand research and product technology design of products in Huawei's finance sector;
  2. Responsible for product development based on the web platform;
  3. Continuous operation and maintenance of online IT products;


  1. Be familiar with software engineering theories, master a variety of demand acquisition and analysis methods, be good at grasping key points of demand, and have strong capabilities of user demand judgment, guidance and control;
  2. Be familiar with agile implementation principles, practices and automation.


Bachelor's degree or above and 5+ years of experience in the IT field, with the following skills:

  1. Understand the mainstream architecture design methods (microservice architecture, distributed architecture, high concurrency architecture, cloud architecture, etc.);
  2. Be proficient in the technology related to B/S system architecture, be familiar with Java architecture design with good coding habits; be familiar with front-end technologies such as HTML, XML, JavaScript, VUE.js, etc., and have performance optimization experience;
  3. Be familiar with JavaEE-related technologies such as caching, file system, message system and so on;
  4. Familiar with the design and development of at least one database, such as Oracle, DB2, Mysql and non-relational database;
  5. Have experience in the development and implementation of medium-sized WEB systems, be able to conduct implementation of modules independently; preferably have experience with agile, continuous integration and DevOps.
  6. Have strong communication and conprehension skills, good learning ability, problem solving skills and innovation awareness.