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The latest Hirevue questions from US investment banks

It’s that time of year again – brace your facial spasms.

Investment banking internships are open and interview season is in full swing. For a lot of those banks, that’ll include the (in)famous, online HireVue interviews.

Luckily, much of their myth has been dispelled, courtesy in part to how widespread they are now. You can basically expect a normal interview, but hosted by a computer, and your response will be judged by AI to determine the quality of your answer. That’s it.

What you shouldn’t expect are the famous HireVue Skynet overlaps. HireVue interviews no involve facial analysis of any sort, so don’t worry – you can leave your poker face at the table and sweat as much as you physically can. If you want to, of course.

In a nutshell – just pretend you’re at a normal interview, online or in-person, and answer accordingly. If you want to know more about HireVue interviews, we have a great article here. But without further ado, these are the interview questions students have faced in HireVue interviews with US banks in the past few months.

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Goldman Sachs HireVue Interview Questions

Tell me about a time you led a team.

Why this company?

Tell me about a time where…

Why do you want to work at Goldman?

What happens to net debt if a bond is issued?

What are the components of the net debt that are put in the bridge?

What happens with an asset acquisition?

How do you handle a difficult member of your team?

Why do you want to work in operations?

If you look at a clock and the time is 9:45, what is the angle between the hour and the minute hands?

JPMorgan HireVue Interview Questions

How do you handle a difficult client?

Why finance?

Tell me about a time when you had to analyze information from multiple sources in order to make a decision.

Discuss an industry that you follow and describe why it interests you.

Why this position?

How would you do the valuation of a car washing business?

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Tellme something unique about you.

To which company would you lend money and why?

Tell me about a moment you had to take leadership of a group and the effects it had.

Morgan Stanley HireVue Interview Questions

Why are you interested in Morgan Stanley?

Tell me about yourself.

Tell me about a challenge you have faced in the past and how you've overcome it.

Describe your ability to collaborate and work in a group setting.

Walk me through your resume.

What do you usually do in your free time?

Define success and failure in your own words.

What would you be able to bring to this role?

Why should we hire you?

What are some other uses for a coat rack?

Bank of America HireVue Interview Questions

Why Bank of America?

How does this role fit in with your career goals?

Describe a project or job where you had to achieve goals.

Describe a time when you used your understanding of a client’s needs to identify a solution.

How has your coursework prepared you for this role?

How do you get from equity value to enterprise value?

Describe a time when you had to convince or persuade someone of your views/opinions.

Talk about a time you made a difficult business decision.

Walk me through a DCF [Discounted Cash Flow].

Describe one time you had to explain something in detail to a supervisor or client.

Citi HireVue Interview Questions

What is the formula for EV [Expected Value] and equity value?

What have you done in your university time?

Why this department?

Tell me about a time you were under pressure.

What is Citibank’s stock price?

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Why are you interested in this industry?

How do you see the market?

What is a project you are really proud of?

Tell me about a recent development in the markets that impacted our business.

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AUTHORZeno Toulon Reporter
  • Lo
    14 February 2024

    I got a pre-recorded video interview for Compliance Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Anyone who has already been there? It's urgent

  • Be
    20 November 2020

    Which among these 4 is the best early careers path to follow in your opinion? And which is the worst?
    1. Product management and marketing
    2. Project management
    3. Regulatory / legal compliance
    4. Risk management?

  • Ev
    26 October 2020

    Hi did they only ask you 3 questions ?

  • Al
    22 October 2020

    Hi, What uni do you go to? I applied too but I'm worried they won't accept me because I don't go to a Russell group uni.

  • Va
    10 October 2019

    Hello, does anyone know the type of questions at GS for the Securities Division 2020 and the number of questions asked. Thank you in advance !

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.