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How much you'll be paid in financial technology

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Financial technology pay doesn’t reach the dizzy heights to be found in other parts of the financial sector, but it’s certainly very competitive and tends to outstrip other industries. Generally, if you possess knowledge of more complex financial products, or have a comparatively rare skill set, your earning potential will be greater.

A business analyst working in an investment bank in London earns £60-75k ($92-115k) at the more junior end, according to figures from recruiters the JM Group, reaching £85-115k ($130k-175k) at the senior end.

Junior project managers are paid £60-75k ($92-115k), says JM Group, which increases to £85-110k ($130-170k) at the senior end, depending on product knowledge. Project managers with 3-5 years’ experience in Singapore can expect S$60-110k ($48-87k), according to recruiters Robert Walters, rising to $S90-140k ($71-110k) at the more senior end.

If you work in development, being in a front-office role means more money. Java developers earn £60-80k ($92-123k) with financial product knowledge after a few years, which increases to £80-105k ($123-160k) at the upper end, while C++/Unix developers bring in £50-75k ($77-115k), but can earn £80-110k ($123-70k) with more experience. If you work in trading floor support, expect £50-70k ($77-108k) at analyst/associate level, rising to £70-80k ($108-123k) with more experience.

AUTHORPaul Clarke

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