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UBS's 177 new managing directors contain few people from Credit Suisse

UBS's lucky new managing directors were informed of their promotions last week, but the Swiss bank has only just made the full list of the 177 fortunate people publicly available. We've listed them all below, along with their locations and job titles, where possible. 

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Following complaints from UBS people that Credit Suisse incomers were favoured in some departments, the list suggests that on the whole, this wasn't the case. By our reckoning, only around 30 of the new managing directors, or 17% of the total, came from Credit Suisse in last year's merger. Many more have, however, worked for Credit Suisse at some point in their careers.

Even without the addition of 40,000 new people from Credit Suisse, 177 people is a small MD class. In 2021, UBS promoted 208 managing directors.  In 2022, it promoted 183. 

UBS insiders say the absence of ex-Credit Suisse people among the new MDs is a reflection of the fact that very few Credit Suisse directors moved across. 

The Credit Suisse people who were promoted are mostly in the US. They include: Adam Baer in technology M&A; Angelica Nikolausson in ESG financing; Furhaan Khan in internet investment banking; and Michael D'Onofrio in financial sponsors leveraged finance. 

There's a notable absence of Credit Suisse promotions in the markets business. However, NY-based emerging markets trader Joseph Cohen is on the list, as is Octávio Bernardes in LatAm derivatives trading and Weigang Yuan, Credit Suisse's former global co-head of structured rates trading.

The paucity of people making MD at UBS this year follows a bonus round tinged with disappointment and cuts to managing directors in the investment bank in late January. 

Ada Wat, ECM Hong Kong, UBS 
Adam Baer, tech M&A, New York, Credit Suisse  
Alex Jeeves, IBD, London, UBS 
Alex Knights, wealth management, Singapore, UBS 
Alex Mitchell, risk, London, UBS  
Alexander Stiehler, wealth management, Switz, UBS 
Ali Sanai, hedge fund rates sales, London, UBS 
Aliza Schwartz, risk, America, UBS 
Allan George, wealth management, Switzerland, UBS 
Allyson Gordon, equity research, New York, UBS  
Andi Springhetti, chief digital and information officer, UBS 
Andreas Luginbuehl, EMEA chief of staff, UBS 
Andrew Moore 
Andy Andreo, family office, America, UBS  
Angelica Nikolausson, ESG financing, America, Credit Suisse  
Anish Pasari, investment management, New York, Credit Suisse 
Anthony Donatelli, philanthropy services, London, UBS  
Arik Yamen, digital platforms, New York, UBS  
Benjamin Edenharder, tech banking, Frankfurt, UBS 
Bernard Paret, New York  
Birgit Nitschmann, risk, Switzerland, UBS 
Bob Siegel, executive services, UBS 
Boriana Iordanova 
Brendan Collins 
Brennan Hawken, equity analyst, New York, UBS  
Bryan Farris, leveraged finance, New York, UBS  
Bryant Morse, business consulting, New York, UBS  
Carolina Bocchini, investor relations, Luxembourg, Credit Suisse  
Caroline Hall, legal, UBS, London  
Caroline Li, research, Shanghai, UBS 
Chris Stevenson, engineering, London, UBS 
Chris Wasmer, private banking, Switzerland, Credit Suisse  
Chris Wong, portfolio advisory, Singapore, UBS 
Christian Ball, wealth management, Frankfurt, UBS  
Christian James, quant, London, UBS 
Christina Capo, regulatory reporting, Carolina. Credit Suisse 
Christine Banaszak, sustainable investing, Chicago. UBS 
Christoph Speth, regulatory affairs, Switz, UBS  
Christopher Kempton, wealth management, Zurich, Credit Suisse 
Christopher Marsicano, wealth management, New York, UBS 
Cindy Chen, Asia, UBS 
Cindy Peng, head of finance, Asia UBS 
Claire Evans, asset management, London, UBS 
Coskun Yucekok, wealth management, Zurich, UBS 
Cyril Zastawnik, wealth management, France, UBS 
Dan Chan, risk, London, UBS 
Daniel Chantler, linear trading, non-core, UBS 
Daniel Parra Martinez 
Danny Mills, infrastructure, Americas. UBS  
David Blank, wealth management, UBS 
David Rabinowitz, direct execution, Asia. UBS 
David Walczak, asset management, UBS 
Debra Tay, wealth management, Singapore, UBS  
Deepa Viswanathan, reporting and analytics, India, UBS  
Diana Lu, prime, APAC, UBS 
Elaine Hyland, litigation, EMEA, Credit Suisse 
Elizabeth Lipa, KYC, London. UBS 
Elizabeth Siu, operations, Asia, UBS 
Ellis Eckland, asset management, US, UBS 
Emilia Moseley, sales, global markets, London, UBS 
Eren Tiryakioglu, M&A, US, Credit Suisse Fabrice Biaggi, private banking, Switz, UBS  
Francesco Palaia, wealth management, UBS 
Frank Geary, metals and mining, London, UBS 
Frederik Zumbühl, wealth, UAE, UBS 
Furhaan Khan, head of internet banking, America, Credit Suisse 
Gabriele Schabus, compliance, Zurich, Credit Suisse 
Gay Pinto, testing, US, UBS 
Gokhan Buyuksarac, EMEA STIR trading, UBS, London  
Gregor Kuglitsch, equity analyst, London, UBS  
Greig Saunders, technology, London, UBS  
Han Ping Lee, banking, Malaysia, Credit Suisse 
Hannah Dent, equities, London, UBS  
Hannes Hütt, quant, Zurich, UBS 
Hannes Lukas Zweifel, trading, Zurich, UBS 
Heather Kuttler Gallagher, COO, US, Credit Suisse 
Helen Ollivro, private clients, London, UBS 
Hiram Chiu, capital management, London, UBS 
Ignacio de Oleza, investment banking, Madrid. UBS 
Ingmar Schustereder, risk, Zurich, UBS 
Jack Harper, UK, UBS 
James Arnold, strategic insight, London, UBS  
James Donovan, investment banking. London, UBS  
James Tuckett, wealth management, Switz, UBS 
Jann Lyss, head of real estate, Credit Suisse  
Jasmine Koh, advisory sales, Singapore, UBS 
Jeevan Dalvi, Swiss Universal bank, India, Credit Suisse 
Jennifer Choi, equity linked, Asia, UBS 
Jinal Haria, derivatives trading, London, UBS 
John Talbott, TMT research, Credit Suisse 
John Timms, investment bank, Hong Kong, UBS  
Jorge Bonetti, financial sponsors, UBS, New York 
Jörn Iffert, equity research, Switzerland. UBS 
Josef Risi, investment management, Switzerland, UBS 
Joseph Cohen, emerging markets, New York, Credit Suisse 
Josie Liao, alternative investments, London, UBS 
Julian Gould, New York, UBS 
Jürg Baur, technology, Zurich, UBS 
Jyothi Bathula, Credit Suisse 
Karen Friefeld, regulatory affairs, London, UBS 
Katazina Karneckaja, client lifecycle management, New York, UBS 
Katerina Sommer 
Katie Kwan 
Keats Sexton, aerospace and defence banking, New York, UBS 
Keith Koval, cybersecurity, US, UBS  
Keith Yong, operations, APAC, UBS  
Kelvin Quek 
Kenneth Ho, head of structured lending, Hong Kong, UBS 
László Nimród Vulkán, risk, Switzerland, UBS 
Lisa Zeiher, internal communications, UBS  
Marco Zaccari 
Marcus Kwong, head of sales trading, Asia, UBS  
Mark Paski, equity trading, New York, UBS,  
Mark Rütimann, wealth management, Switzerland, Credit Suisse  
Mark Threadgold, UK tech risk, London, UBS  
Martin Lewis, technology, London, UBS  
Matteo Franceschini, weath management, Zurich, UBS  
Mel Smith, financing, Americas, UBS  
Meric Topbas, head of structuring, US, Credit Suisse  
Michael D'Onofrio, financial sponsors leveraged finance, US, Credit Suisse 
Michel Neuhaus, AI and data analytics, Switzerland, UBS 
Misa Kawahito, UBS  
Natali Grob-Berger 
Neil Yiu, wealth management, APAC, UBS  
Nikolai Borodavkin, finance, Switzerland, UBS  
Noriko Utzig, operations, global markets, US, UBS 
Octávio Bernardes, Latam derivatives, Credit Suisse 
Pansy Li 
Patrizia Noe, asset management, Italy, Credit Suisse 
Paul Neumann, DCM, Australasia, UBS  
Peter Yang, Singapore, UBS  
Philip Pellegrino, wealth, US. UBS 
Philipp Flockermann, central risk office. Zurich, Credit Suisse  
Philipp Schweizer, wealth, Zurich, UBS  
Philipp von Pückler, treasury risk control, Italy, Credit Suisse 
Philippe Hatzopoulos, private banking, Zurich, Credit Suisse 
Rafael Baleotti, consumer and retail banking, Brazil, UBS  
Raffaele Di Giulio, wealth, Zurich, UBS 
Ranju Parambi, head of banking, Indonesia, UBS  
Rebecca Fitzpatrick, IB booking models, UBS 
Remo Pfister, legal, UBS  
Renato Zanella, accounting, UBS  
Richa Singh, equities, London, UBS 
Robin Wasser, real estate banking, Switzerland, Credit Suisse  
Ross Fowler, head of North American power and utilities banking, UBS  
Ross Wyse, private funds group, UBS  
Russell Bowler, head of financial trading, UBS 
Sainica Sivadasan, regulatory change, London, UBS 
Sam Frampton, investment bank risk control, London, UBS  
Sarah Payne, philanthropy, London, UBS  
Sawan Kumar, financial sponsor coverage, UBS  
Sebastian Nakab, real estate banking, US, UBS  
Shantanu Khare, equity derivatives trading, US, UBS 
Shweta Jain, risk governance, UBS  
Simon Toros, wealth management, UBS  
Solange Srour, economist, Brazil, Credit Suisse 
Sophie Thieux-Billiard, marketing, London, UBS  
Tao Lan, UBS  
Thomas Schuler, risk, Zurich, UBS  
Till Zuhlsdorff, DCM, London, UBS  
Tim Gorlé, wealth, Poland, UBS  
Tobias Annasohn, wealth, Switzerland, UBS  
Tobias Jeltsch, technology, Switzerland, UBS  
Tyler Hastings, wealth, US, UBS  
Ulrich Bolliger, corporate lending, US, UBS  
Verena Kaiser, wealth, Switzerland, UBS  
Verrine Hsu, asset management, Asia, UBS  
Vincent Duval, asset management, Switzerland, UBS  
Vishal Goyal, research, India, UBS 
Vivian Lee, sales, Hong Kong, UBS  
Weigang Yuan, global co-head of structured rates trading, New York, Credit Suisse 
Wisam Alfreihi, head of investment banking Saudi Arabia, Credit Suisse 
Yemi Aguda, asset management, Zurich, UBS  
Yves Bogni, asset management, Zurich, UBS  
Yves Müller, wealth management, Zurich, UBS  
Zara Culican, financial crime, UBS, London  
Zoe Hart, asset management, UBS, London 

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.