Where to study to get a job at UBS or Credit Suisse in Hong Kong

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Credit Suisse and UBS are both hiring in Hong Kong. UBS opened a new office in Kowloon last year, while Credit Suisse is recruiting hundreds of people into its Asian private bank.

But as the Swiss rivals expand in the city, which local universities are they getting their graduates from?

To find out, we searched through online employee profiles for recent graduates (people with up to two years’ experience) who are now working at Credit Suisse or UBS in Hong Kong and who also studied at one of the city’s leading universities.

Then we converted the numbers into the percentage of people who studied at each school. And we did this per bank, as shown in the table below.

Hong Kong University – which offers well-established Bachelor degrees in Economics, Economics and Finance, and Quantitative Finance – is your best bet for getting a graduate job at either bank.

By contrast, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology graduates have been significantly more popular at Credit Suisse (they make up 31% on its local intake) over the past two years than at UBS (16%).

Chinese University of Hong Kong – whose Business School offers eight BBA and BSc undergraduate programmes – supplies a significant percentage of juniors to UBS (27%) and Credit Suisse (22%), according to staff public profiles.

Interestingly, while Citi, HSBC and Standard Chartered hire plenty of people from City University of Hong Kong, our table show that this college is not the place to study if you want to work at a big Swiss bank.

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Open University – not renowned for their finance courses – all supply similarly low amounts of graduates to the banks.

Despite global banks professing to want to hire more non-business and finance grads, there are no Credit Suisse or UBS employee profiles of people who’ve graduated recently from Lingnan University, Hong Kong's liberal arts-focused institution.

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