The surprising way into one of Amazon’s hottest Singapore jobs

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The surprising way into one of Amazon’s hottest Singapore jobs

There aren’t many internships that you can currently apply for in Singapore, let alone ones that begin this year. Most big banks will be advertising their intern jobs next month – but those are for summer 2021 positions.

Amazon, however, has created an out-of-season one-off role for a data analytics intern in its Singapore-based economist team. The main catch here is that it’s not for undergraduates. You’ll need to be enrolled in a PhD program in economics, marketing, statistics, or related fields, having completed the course work, and passed the qualification exam, according to Amazon’s careers site.

Other requirements include having an excellent understanding of econometrics (cross sectional and panel data methods) and being proficient with SQL. You’ll also need knowledge in Java, Scala, and/or Py-Spark as well as “experience with one or more statistical and data processing languages such as R, Stata, Matlab, and Python”.

Amazon is well known for pioneering the use of big data on customer behaviour, and developing state-of-the-art econometric tools. The role will allow the intern to “contribute to this process by supporting data management and analytics”.

While the entry bar to landing the internship – which is for 16 hours a week during university terms – is set high, a tech recruiter we spoke with in Singapore doesn’t expect Amazon to encounter many difficulties when hiring. “Amazon’s brand as much as its tech is a big drawcard students at all levels,” he says.

The combination of a PhD and a data-focused internship at Amazon is also “hugely attractive” in the current job market in Singapore, says the recruiter. If the internship doesn’t lead to a permanent role at Amazon, plenty of banks would be interested in hiring the candidate. DBS alone has 21 data and analytics jobs in Singapore right now, for example.

Don’t expect to be networking with Amazon employees in the office if you land this internship. In line with Amazon's work-from-home guidelines, you’ll be mostly working remotely until January next year. Amazon doesn’t provide an end-date for the internship.

Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash

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