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Goldman Sachs' 55-year-old MD & Instagram fitness influencer says his wife is "blown away"

Taken from Ambrose' Instagram account, @liftforlife.gdog

Graham Ambrose is a managing director in Goldman Sachs' equity franchise sales team in London. As of today, he has also come out as a fitness influencer, although he's been building up to it for a while.

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Bloomberg reported Ambrose's alter ego earlier today, but far more detail is available on Ambrose's Instagram account, including photographs of his formerly portly self and of his contemporary very muscular self bench-pressing large weights, squatting and showing off his torso. The more time that passes, the more buff that Ambrose becomes.

His Instagram account also includes snippets from Ambrose's own podcast elaborating his approach to life and exercise, in which he discusses how hard it is to eat healthily when you're flying business class, how to recover from a strain incurred while playing golf, whether to eat eggs, whether to eat raw meat, whether to immerse yourself in cold water and more.  

Alongside his day job at Goldman, the implication seems to be that Ambrose aspires to become a fitness influencer for the middle-aged man in financial services. 


If you don't have time to listen to Ambrose's musings, or if you want a succinct summary of his approach before immersing yourself in them, here's what we've gleaned from his Instagram Reels...

Sleep is big

“Sleep really is a weapon” says Ambrose, quoting Matt Damon/Jason Bourne.  “Anyone in my industry I think is lacking sleep and is gonna cruise for a big problem later on in life.”

In a separate post, Ambrose says sleep is like the cloud for the mind. "I think of it like an Amazon Cloud account or your Apple cloud, where if everything stayed on your phone in your photographs then your phone wouldn't be able to take photos anymore. It needs t upload stuff to the cloud and your brain needs to categorize the information."

Failure to exercise is akin to self-harm

“Effectively you’re callousing your mind when you’re callousing your body," declares Ambrose. "Every time I go to the gym I’m desperately trying to lift heavier weights for more reps consistently over time. And every time I succeed, it’s teaching my mind that I can do things that I’d previously thought were not possible."

The gym is full of strivers 

“Everyone that’s in the gym is trying to better themselves," he says. "Everyone that’s around you had been in the situation you’ve been in before, and they’re all trying to do the same thing you’re doing, but they are at different stages in their journey.” 

Don't go to the gym as a prelude to eating all the good you want

The gym is not about burning calories, says Ambrose, adding that various colleagues and friends seem to think this is the purpose. You go to the gym to get stronger. You run to improve your mental strength to get an endorphin rush. You don’t do exercise to burn calories....Execise is about making your body better, look better and make you feel better."

Food isn't inherently pleasurable, he adds: "You manage your nutrition you use your nutrition to fuel your body, it’s as simple as that." 

Everyone likes it when you're buff, including your wife

"The transformation over the past fie years has blown me away, my friends away, my wife away," says Ambrose, adding that his wife is "constantly laughing" at his before and after photos.

All of this has been positive for his career. "When you feel physically more confident, you're also more confident in your interactions with other people, whether with colleague or clients and friends. Everyone wants to be around confident people, positive, happy people," he concludes. 

Ambrose has worked for Goldman Sachs in London for 24 years since joining from ING Barings in 2000. He's not the only Goldman person to opine about lifestyle issues. Last week, Goldman Sachs partner and head of prime brokerage sales, Brian Robinson, appeared in Business Insider to expound the benefits of sleeping and drinking water. In 2018, a video appeared on Instagram of 58-year-old Alexander Dibelius, the former head of Goldman Sachs' German operation bench-pressing his 34-year-old wife, Laila Maria Witt. 

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • SM
    15 April 2024

    let's not forget the privilege factor here – not everyone in high-stress jobs like finance can afford the luxury of time and resources for such a lifestyle overhaul. While his advice on sleep and exercise is sound, it's essential to acknowledge the systemic barriers that prevent many from accessing similar opportunities.

  • Br
    Bruce Dwayne
    15 April 2024

    The easiest way to avoid eating unhealthy food in business class is to take a private jet and have your personal chef cook you a meal mid-flight. It's the small and easy changes that make a big difference.

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.